Jake gives guitar, banjo and mandolin lessons at various locations in the Nashville, TN area.  He also teaches through Skype for anybody not living nearby.  Jake has extensive knowledge in many genres including bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues and classical.  He has a vast library of tablature that he has typed up in Sibelius (notation software) that he teaches with.  It consists of hundreds of songs for guitar, banjo and mandolin in his own arrangements.  They are included with lessons but can also be purchased separately.  Custom sheet music or tablature can also be written upon request. If you have a song you'd like to learn check with Jake.  Rates are below.  Feel free to email jrworkmanmusic@gmail.com or call 801-245-9699 with questions.


LESSONS: $35 per half-hour lesson, $70 per hour lesson

PRE-MADE SHEET MUSIC OR TAB: $5 per song (free if taking lessons)

CUSTOM SHEET MUSIC OR TAB: charged by the time it takes to arrange and type them up, same as the lesson rate above.